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Bird Vineyard Agriculture Netting | Redden Net Custom Nets | Langley BCWe want to make sure your crop doesn’t go to the birds – and we’ve got the nets to do it. Two of our most popular and successful agriculture netting products is for Bird Control for vineyards, orchards and farms.

For vineyards, Redden Net Custom Nets offers light-weight, extruded nets to be installed vertically, along the sides of your grape vines.  Vineyard Bird Control Nets come in 5,000 foot rolls in varying widths up to 17 feet.  Your other option is to enclose your vineyard with the overhead netting as described below.

For blueberry farms (and vineyards), Redden Net Custom Nets offers overhead netting. Other netting companies might suggest polypropylene nets to you, but here at Redden Net Custom Nets we sell nylon monofilament netting because it is stronger, has a longer life span, and is a far superior product.

Redden Net Custom Nets overhead bird control nets come in many different widths and lengths, but we logistically only stock a few sizes. That being said, we strongly advise our customers to custom order your nets in the off- season, this will ensure you have the right sizes (width & length and of nets to fit your particular site.  Order early because the minimum lead time is three to four months.

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Vineyard Netting

Full Roll Quantities - Vineyards, Wineries, Grape Netting
Product 3/4" Mesh Net Black Polypropylene UV Protective with Fine Grind Carbon plus UV Inhibiter Resin Additive
17' X 5000'2.9#m/sq.ft.
14' X 5000'2.9#m/sq.ft
17' X 5000'2.05#m/sq.ft
14' X 5000'2.05#m/sq.ft
3 rolls X 5.6' X 5000'2.9#m/sq.ft
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Slow Feeder Nets

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