Mom Who Lost Her Eyesight From A Ballpark Accident Has This Warning

Baseball is called America’s favorite pastime for a reason. According to ESPN, more than 72 million people attended major league baseball games in 2017 — and that doesn’t even account for all the minor league games held at stadiums around the country. But what these millions of people don’t plan on, while they are eating their cracker jacks and root-root-rooting … Read More

Could Insecticide Netting Help Manage Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Infestations in Homes?

The brown marmorated stink bug (Halyomorpha halys) is an invasive species in the United States that can damage fruit and vegetable crops and cause nuisance infestations to residences. It is a shield-shaped “true bug” of the order Hemiptera, and the common name refers to its brown, variegated appearance (marmorated means variegated). Halyomorpha halys eats many different foods, helping it expand its range … Read More

Coroner calls for netting around hockey rinks after death of 12-year-old girl

A tragic incident in Quebec could result in changes to hockey rinks in Canada. Annie Alaku-Papigatuk, 12, was killed after being struck by a puck at a local hockey game on April 1, 2017. Her death came almost exactly 15 years after the death of a 13-year-old Brattanie Cecil at a Columbus Blue Jackets game, which resulted in rinks around North America … Read More

Safety nets fitted after glass panel falls from hospital

Safety netting has been erected around the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow after a glass panel fell from the 10th floor. NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) said an investigation into the incident earlier this month proved inconclusive. It is understood panels have fallen from the £842m building on at least three occasions since it opened. In the latest … Read More


A key aspect of a successful drone race is safety – for spectators, race officials and pilots. Racing drones can go from 0-150km/h in seconds and typically have four propellers spinning at high speed, which makes them potentially dangerous flying objects. In a large competition like the upcoming 1st FAI Drone Racing World Championship in Shenzhen, China for example, preparation and planning starts months … Read More

Ho Chi Minh City restaurant shades diners with agricultural netting

This leafy restaurant in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City offers diners respite from the intense sun using plastic agricultural netting. Located in the heart of District 3’s Ward 6, the eatery is a new outpost for Pizza 4P – a small, Vietnam-based Japanese pizza chain that champions farm-to-table eating. Nishizawaarchitects used this ethos as the inspiration for the restaurant’s design, which incorporates the translucent polyethene canopies … Read More

NISHIZAWAARCHITECTS uses agricultural netting to shade diners at vietnam restaurant

NISHIZAWAARCHITECTS has designed a restaurant in vietnam that allows diners to comfortably sit outside, despite the region’s intense heat and sun. located at the center of ho chi minh city, shade is provided through the use of netting that both softens direct sunlight and allows foliage and plants to grow more efficiently. made from polyethylene, the net was initially developed for agricultural purposes. however, thanks to … Read More