Redden Net Custom Nets Team PhotoIn 1958, John Redden started Redden Net Co. Ltd to supply commercial fishing gear to the fishing communities of the Pacific Northwest. Now, more than fifty years later, we have an in-house net loft staffed by professional, experienced net builders – and our executive team has more than 100 combined years of experience in every facet of industrial netting. So no matter what industry you’re in, if you need a net, we can build it.

  • Outfitted Vancouver  2010 Winter Olympics
  • Netting supplier of the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics

Redden Net Custom Nets supplies well-designed, well-built, custom nets to companies all over the world.

  • Golf netting: range, barrier, deflection, practice, full impact netting.
  • Agriculture netting: bird control for vineyards, orchards, berry fields, as well as deer fences.
  • Safety netting: fall arrest, debris control, arena, orange transport netting and Tubular nettings for Machine Part Protection.
  • Sport netting: baseball, soccer, ski, arena, goal nets.
  • Research netting: seines, S.L.I.N., F.W.I.N., trawls, traps, gill-nets.

Over the last fifty years, our technology, applications, and materials have become more complex, but our business philosophy remains simple. Treat employees and customers – right.  We do. And we’ll do it for you.

So if you need a new net installation or are just getting started and have some questions, go ahead and call us at 604.530.2213 (Toll Free 1.800.667.9455) to discuss your project or request a quotation. You can also email [email protected] or complete our online form.

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