Call 11 for Action: Toledo residents worried errant golf balls will strike children

Residents in west Toledo are growing concerned over some errant golf balls smashing their property. Neighbors said they are constantly whipping their heads when they hear someone teeing off on hole one at Maple Grove Golf Course in Bedford Township, which literally lays on the Ohio-Michigan line. The neighbors live in Toledo and their backyards are right in the line … Read More

Camo netting, an age-old tool, is being re-engineered for the modern battlefield

Top Army brass are looking to what seems like a simple item, camouflage netting, to solve a very modern technological problem — electronic signals that give away soldier and unit positions. A variety of camouflage being developed now is aimed at hiding electronic signatures and concealing soldiers and their equipment, masking them to the eye and hiding them from sensors in modern communications and targeting equipment. … Read More

Mercer Island council reviews upcoming parks projects

Mercer Island’s new Parks and Recreation Commission, which should be coming together in June, will have its work cut out for it as it starts advising the city on a number of upcoming parks projects. The city is undertaking several planning efforts, including an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) transition plan, the Aubrey Davis Park master plan, set for adoption … Read More

McCormick police chief: No room for turf wars when keeping prison secure

Towering over the razor wire-topped fences of McCormick Correctional Institution, netting stretches about another 60 feet into the air. The netting is the kind designed to stop golf balls on a course or driving range, but in McCormick, it’s stopping contraband from being thrown over the fence, said McCormick Police Chief Bo Willis. The state Department of Corrections paid to … Read More

Why Coast green house farmers are going for shade nets

The ongoing dry spell in several parts of the country has brought untold suffering to farmers at the Coast. Several wells have dried up, leaving crop and livestock farmers with no water for irrigation or to offer their animals. However, it is the greenhouse farmers in the region who are finding the going tough as temperatures in the region average … Read More

Mylan Park has many upcoming projects on baseball and softball facilities

In 2018, Mylan Park completed more than $300,000 worth of improvements to their baseball and softball facilities. This year, the park plans for more than $650,000.00 worth of improvements to be done to the facilities. Currently, playing surfaces are being laser leveled, the restrooms and concession stands are being updated, and a ticket booth is under construction. “We’re just excited to have the … Read More

Bridgeport Parks & Rec focusing on multiple improvement projects

The buzz around Bridgeport is the new Indoor Rec Complex currently under construction, but what about the other facilities Bridgeport Parks and Rec has to offer? Director Joe Shuttleworth says his crew has multiple projects lined up, and all of them are a priority. “My goal is that we don’t lose sight of the other facilities that we have,” said … Read More

Protecting homes with netting window screens can reduce malaria parasite infection

In an article published in Lancet Planetary Health, a team from Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) and the Ifakara Health Institute (IHI), provides evidence that even window screens with no insecticide suppressed mosquito populations and dramatically reduced malaria prevalence in the Tanzanian city of Dar es Salaam. Led by LSTM’s Dr. Gerry Killeen, the study team has also worked with … Read More