Advice for netting your blueberry bushes

netting Redden Custom NettingHere’s a bit of advice for blueberry growers who share a yard with birds like catbirds: We have found bird netting with 1- or 2-inch wide holes doesn’t work. The netting gets tangled on the branches and the birds occasionally get tangled in the black plastic mesh as well. I have seen catbirds and other birds hanging dead in such netting, and I have no desire to see that in our yard.

One poor solution is to pick the berries before they are fully ripe, but we found a better way. We cover our blueberry bushes with a spun-bonded agricultural fabric, often called a floating row cover. This lightweight material is made for this purpose. It lets light and rain through, but the birds can’t even see the blueberries so they don’t try to eat them or sneak under the cover, thus we can leave the fruit on the bush until they are ripe, sweet and delicious.

The fabric comes in 10- or 12-foot widths, so one big piece is enough to cover our two large blueberry bushes. We just lay pieces of firewood on the fabric to hold it down so it is easy to lift up and pick our sweet-ripe fruit whenever we want. The brand of fabric we are using now is the lightest-weight AgroFabric. We’ve also used Remay; both work fine, and one piece lasts for a number of years.

How well you get along with the birds in the yard depends on what you do with your land and how you feel about birds. And a little human ingenuity helps, too.


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