NISHIZAWAARCHITECTS uses agricultural netting to shade diners at vietnam restaurant

NISHIZAWAARCHITECTS has designed a restaurant in vietnam that allows diners to comfortably sit outside, despite the region’s intense heat and sun. located at the center of ho chi minh city, shade is provided through the use of netting that both softens direct sunlight and allows foliage and plants to grow more efficiently. made from polyethylene, the net was initially developed for agricultural purposes. however, thanks to its affordability, it now appears throughout the country’s urban areas.

Bordered by commercial buildings, french-style villas, and high-rise hotels, the restaurant offers views of its urban surroundings. NISHIZAWAARCHITECTS describes the rooftop typology as ‘both a transitional element in-between the building and the city, and a space still spared by efficiency objectives.’ the semi-transparent black screen is not only used as a device that creates shade below, but also as an overhead window that softens the glare of the bright sky and hot sun.

The entire space, including the indoors, the terrace, and the garden, is connected by a variety of trees, plants, and shrubs, which are arranged around the restaurant’s furniture. the architects say that they didn’t design the space specifically as a restaurant, but more as a place where people can coexist with plants, and architecture can coexist with nature.