ESCC baseball renovations continue with backstop, netting

The next improvement to facilities at Enterprise State Community College will be a new backstop and netting for the college’s baseball field.

Expected to be completed in the coming months, officials started “laying the groundwork” for the project around fall of last year after the dugouts were repainted, according to ESCC Athletic Director Kevin Ammons and Coach Samuel “Bubba” Frichter.

“Once we got that done, we started getting everything finalized and got everything approved,” Ammons said. “Once they get the wall set, we’ll be able to make our measurements and Coach Frichter will be able to order the net that he needs.”

Ammons said an exact date could not be given due to weather conditions affecting construction.

Frichter said the improvements will benefit the baseball program not only aesthetically but from a safety standpoint as well.

“You have to understand, this is a 45 to 50-year-old facility,” Frichter said. “The backstop itself was cracked and had two sections you could push it over. It really needed the update.”

According to Frichter, the City of Enterprise has been a huge help in the backstop project, as well as other projects.

“The City has helped us tremendously, so big props to them,” Frichter said. “They came in and took the wall out and (Billy) Cotter (of Billy Cotter Construction, Inc.) is in the process of building our new backstop. Once we get that done, we’ll order new netting and, once again, that’s kind of a safety deal. We had a bunch of holes in the net, so that whole project should hopefully be complete soon.”

Ammons said this project is one of many recent upgrades occurring around ESCC’s campus. Most recently, both Talmadge Hall and Lolley Gym were renovated.

There have also been slow, but steady, improvements made to the baseball facilities, which have been in operation since 1969, Ammons said.

Some of the improvements include renovated locker rooms, in-field improvements and repainted dugouts.

 “These improvements over time were needed,” Ammons said. “We’re trying to create a brand and create an athletic program that represents the communities that we serve, and to unite them so that we have similar looking facilities with our dugouts and so forth.”

According to Frichter, the renovations help the baseball program to “keep up with the Joneses.”

“With this being an older facility, it’s going to take time to be able to update everything,” Frichter said. “Slowly and steadily, we’re getting there. We’re showing progress. Our administration is showing that they care about what’s going on down here, and they want us to make those strides to get it right.”

Ammons said the renovations and upgrades are part of an academic and athletic investment.

“It’s a combination of the whole college getting improvements,” Ammons said. “It’s getting the community support and getting our community involved, and they’re going to see this and see that there is an investment in it, and there’s progress not only on the field but in the classroom to have a top notch community college.”

Once the project is complete, ESCC will embark on similar work for the softball program, Ammons said.

We’ve already got softball games scheduled here at home early and didn’t have the time, so we’ll do this first and turn right back around and the softball field will get the same thing,” said Ammons.