Bridgeport Parks & Rec focusing on multiple improvement projects

The buzz around Bridgeport is the new Indoor Rec Complex currently under construction, but what about the other facilities Bridgeport Parks and Rec has to offer?

Director Joe Shuttleworth says his crew has multiple projects lined up, and all of them are a priority.

“My goal is that we don’t lose sight of the other facilities that we have,” said Shuttleworth. “From our council to administration, down to the front line guys here, we’ve always taken a great deal of pride in maintaining our facilities.”

Their latest completed project was enhancing safety at the Outdoor Rec Complex by adding netting to some of the fields. Shuttleworth says this was an important project to complete because foul balls were a serious hazzard.

“They’re going over that big steep bank towards 131, as well as the walking trails behind there. So you kind of had to be careful walking the trail that a foul ball didn’t come flying.”

On top of all the other projects on Bridgeport’s list, they will also be working on a master plan for their facilities. For example: what to do with the Bridgeport Pool that is approaching 35 years old.

“My crew has done a fabulous job maintaining it and making it look nice every year, but you know, it’s getting to the end of its life cycle. So there is some strategic planning involved. What do we do with the pool? Tear it out and build a new one there? Is there another site that might be better?”

Other projects in the works include giving the Civic Center an update this summer, re-roofing current structures, and improving sidewalks.