Alleged commercial Murray fish netting operation busted

Redden Custom Netting Fish NettingFISHERIES officers claim to have busted a commercial fishing operation near Shepparton using fish netting.

A Goulburn Valley man was allegedly found with commercial fish netting gear and 11 Murray cod in his cool room, only five cod are allowed to be kept under Victorian law.

A member of the public raised the alarm by calling the 13 FISH fishing hotline.

A man from Kialla, near Shepparton, was allegedly found with 11 Murray cod at his home.

The fish had a combined weight of 47.5kg.

The Victorian maximum possession limit for Murray cod is five fish, or 30 kilograms.

Fisheries Victoria officers also claimed five of the cod measured over the legal maximum size of 75cm, with the largest 88cm long.

The search of the man’s property allegedly found 20 items of commercial fishing equipment, including two seine nets, each over 18m in length.

Fisheries director of enforcement and education Ian Parks said Murray cod was a priority species which has been seriously reduced from its former range and abundance.]

“Fisheries Victoria conducts an intensive stocking campaign, and significant efforts have been put into habitat restoration with money from recreational fishing licence fees,” Mr Parks said.

Redden Custom Netting Fish Netting

Breaching the statewide possession limit can result in fines and a year’s jail.

Mr Parks said commercial fishing equipment included all items that are not considered recreational, and includes setlines, mesh nets, drum nets, and yabby traps.

Meanwhile, Fisheries Victoria today announced the three month closed season for Murray cod will not apply to Lake Eildon this year.

Anglers can take Murray cod from Lake Eildon during September, October and November this year.

The three month closed season will remain in place in all other Victorian waters.

Research found that 99.6 per cent of Murray cod in Lake Eildon were stocked fish.

The closed season aims to provide protection for spawning wild fish.

The removal of the closed season at Lake Eildon will be trialled for a year.


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