Deer netting operation underway in Lake Fork neighborhood

An operation is underway in a Wood County subdivision to capture 100 deer to help control a problem with overpopulation.

“Over the last few years we’ve noticed a tremendous increase in the number of deer in our neighborhood,” Bill Russell, homeowner’s association president, said. “To the point they are becoming a nuisance.”

Russell says along with destroying landscaping, many of the deer are also in poor health.

“The deer start dying,” Russell said. “You see deformed deer. Deformed antlers and legs. We’re even having multiple births. Births all the way up into the summer, which is highly unusual.”

So to take care of the problem, the HOA brought in a state biologist, who recommended a process called deer netting.

“We trap the deer under nets,” Russell said. “They are taken out, put in a trailer and then transported to a processor.”

On Monday night, a company contracted by the HOA captured 24 deer. The goal recommended by the state biologist is 100. A process considered the only real option since hunting isn’t allowed in the subdivision.

“Our bylaws say that we cannot discharge a firearm nor hunt within the confines of the subdivision.”

The netting process is under the supervision of a wildlife biologist. And while at least one resident has raised concerns about the process, the state says it’s “legit” and the HOA says that doing nothing isn’t an option.

“Only solution we had was what we did last night and what we’re continuing to do.”

Land’s End is home to about 50 full-time residents. The HOA says they notified residents of the netting process through newsletters and asked for input before making the decision.