Cooley Stadium Gets Expanded Protective Netting

If you like going to Lansing Lugnuts games but you’re afraid of getting hit by a foul ball, you’re in luck. Cooley Law School Stadium is extending their protective netting. WKAR’s Katie Cook reports.

The new netting at Cooley Law School Stadium will extend to the ends of the dugouts on both the first and third base sides.

General Manager Tyler Parsons says they have been analyzing foul balls leaving the field of play and entering the stands, and decided to move forward with the netting since fan safety is a priority.

“The advent of technology and cell phones and reaction times, you know we’re really kinda following a trend that you’re seeing from our major league counterparts and also the minor leagues teams. I think right now every single major league ballpark has undergone expanded netting, most if not all minor league teams are going through it if they’ve not already done it before. It was just the right thing to do.”

In addition, this project will replace the existing netting that is currently up at the stadium. Parsons says they believe this new netting will be a major improvement over the previous in terms of visibility.

The new netting is almost fully installed and will be complete in the next day or so- well before the next Lugnuts home game on June 15th.