With focus on fan safety, Lansing Lugnuts extend netting at Cooley Law School Stadium

Those going to a Lansing Lugnuts game this summer won’t have to worry as much about a foul ball coming their way.

With fan safety in mind, the Lugnuts announced Monday they’ve extended the protective netting at Cooley Law School Stadium.

The announcement comes two weeks ahead of the Lugnuts hosting the Midwest League’s annual all-star game.

“Fan safety is of utmost importance to us and extending our netting was a necessary move,” Lugnuts general manager Tyler Parsons said. “This is a move that most, if not all, professional baseball teams are doing, and that illustrates its importance in our profession.”

The netting at the stadium previously had covered behind the plate and ended at the start of the dugouts on the first and third base lines. It will now extend to the end of both dugouts

“Along with extending the netting, we replaced the existing netting with a better product, limiting obstructed views,” Parsons said. “Making Cooley Law School Stadium a safe environment for our fans is a top priority, and we believe this is the right move.”