Apartment complex mends fence with orange netting, homeowner not happy

A fence separating homes and an apartment complex fell down in August and it’s still not repaired. Angie Courville called 2 On Your Side because she’s tired of waiting for someone to give her an answer.

“We just need to have our privacy back,” said Courville.

During a storm in mid-August, Courville says the fence surrounding her property fell down into her yard. The fence separating her property and her neighbor’s property was repaired weeks ago, but the portion of the fence separating her yard from Oakleigh Apartments is missing. Bright orange plastic fencing plugs the hole where the tall wooden fence once stood.

Courville says multiple requests for a repair date have gone unanswered. She says she’s tired of looking at people walking along with her fence line, smoking cigarettes, walking their dogs or parking. The eight-foot fence that once stood there protected her property and blocked the view of the complex. Now she can see right through the orange plastic netting.

“You go to an apartment complex, they have to have that and these people just don’t care, they’re not concerned,” she said. “Out of respect for their neighbors, they should repair it.”

The company that manages Oakleigh Apartments, CLK Properties says it’s aware of the broken fence and knows it can’t leave it the way it is now.

When asked when repairs would be made, no timeline was provided.

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