Mom wants more safety netting at Baseball Field


DAVENPORT, Iowa- The mother of a boy hit in the face with a line drive at a Quad City River Bandit’s baseball game says she hopes team management extends safety netting at the park.

“It’s been brought to my attention, that they do have the netting. So, I would just like to see it put up to prevent the same thing from happening”, aid Ashley Scheckel.

Taijon Scheckel was on a field trip at Modern Woodmen ballpark on May 17th, when the foul ball struck the sixth grader in the face on the first baseline.

“He had a broken nose, fractured eye socket, it also fractured the cheekbone, a concussion.  Had it been a quarter on an inch higher, he could have lost his entire eye”, said Scheckel.

The stitches in the ball were branded on his face. He has had one nose surgery and the medical bills are starting to add up.

The good news is, Taijon got his vision back a couple of days ago, is on the mend, and he still loves baseball.

“It’s my favorite sport”, he said.

After several fans were hurt by broken bats and foul balls in 2015,  Major League Baseball announced recommendations to expand safety netting at its ballparks, to include both ends of the dugouts and anywhere within 70 feet of home plate.

Minor league parks have taken notice, but are not required to have the extended netting.

Scheckel says her son will continue to go to games, but she hopes more safety netting is added.

“He could have lost his eye, had brain damage, he could have lost his life”, she said.

The team has invited Taijon to be its guest at another game on Friday, and meet the players.

The city of Davenport owns the stadium. A call for comment from the River Bandit’s has not been returned.


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