Padres to extend protective netting at Petco Park

SAN DIEGO — The Padres Monday announced details of the team’s effort to cover more of Petco Park with protective netting aimed at making the ballpark safer for spectators.

The netting will be installed to the end of Section 116 in left field and Section 115 in right field and have a maximum height of 24 feet before tapering down along the foul lines.

The expanded netting plan was initially announced in September. All 30 Major League Baseball teams in February agreed to expand their netting to at least the far ends of both dugouts by the start of this season. The Padres’ plan exceeds those parameters, according to the team.

“The security and well-being of our fans is our number one priority at Petco Park,” a Padres statement says. “We feel the new netting design drastically improves the safety of our patrons, while the state-of-the-art materials will have a minimal effect on the fan experience as it pertains to the view of the field and sight lines of our ballpark.”

The netting is lightweight and dyed green in order to meet MLB guidelines to reduce visible impact of the barrier.