Pigeon protection for Council House

Nottingham City Council will install netting to protect the Council House from pigeons.

Planning permission has been granted to add anti-bird netting to parts of the front of the iconic Nottingham building in Old Market Square.

The proposal lists the addition of bird deterrent measures, netting,  to the facade of the Council House.

No changes are proposed to the exterior of the building. The netting and fixings will have a minimum impact on the façade.

A statement on the planning details explains,

‘Like many city centre locations, pigeons are a pest and their use of the balcony and upper ledges as a roost site causes real health and safety issues. As a result of the accumulation of fouling on the roosting and perch areas and the areas directly below this have become a severe slip and trip hazard. In addition, the accumulated fouling and associated debris has an acid nature that can over time affect and erode the building fabric.

 ‘The bird deterrent measures will be set back to the façade to avoid the column clamps that are located around the columns that support the Christmas decorations. In addition to this banners are located are also placed on the façade columns throughout the year.’

The council sought advice from Historic England for the plans on the listed building.