IndyGo makes changes to Red Line construction bus stops after Call 6 story

After a Call 6 Investigates story last week uncovered safety concerns at bus stops across the Red Line construction zone, IndyGo has made changes to keep riders safe.

Since the Red Line construction began along Meridian Street between 18th and 38th streets, the busy road is down to one lane in each direction.

Meridian Street sees about 23,000 cars each day, according to state traffic data. Along with cars, trucks and SUVs, Meridian Street is one of the busiest bus routes in the city. But because of the construction, for 20 blocks, those bus stops on the west side of the street have been moved to the middle of the street, right next to traffic speeding by.

After the story, IndyGo sent out safety teams to the bus stops along the bus route and made some changes.

The organization added more barrels and cones and placed plastic netting and caution tape where pedestrians are not supposed to be.

IndyGo has also made changes to the protocol in the construction zones. When back doors to buses opened, they opened right into the construction zone, as the stop weren’t long enough for both the front and back doors.

“To increase safe access to and from the protected temporary stops, IndyGo has communicated to operators to direct passengers to alight (exit) through the front door within the construction zone,” IndyGo said in a statement. “This operational change has been communicated to all routes that service Meridian Street, and supervisors are continuing to monitor.”