Storm clean up continues around the Bay Area

A Powerful storm system has wreaked havoc across the Bay Area and it’s left its mark on San Francisco.

Damaging winds took down steel poles and golf netting at Harding Park in San Francisco.

Crews charged with repairing the damage say they’ve never seen anything like it.

“It must’ve been under quite a bit of strain to push them over like that their steel poles and they’re old,” Marc Wadell with Judge Netting said. “They’ve been in the ground for 20 plus years. They’re old and this is not a normal occurrence at all that’s for sure.”

Mission Street between 4th and 5th streets were shut down to traffic and even pedestrians in some stretches as city workers cut up branches of a 50-ft tall Ficus Tree.

The only thing that kept it from crashing to the ground was Muni Lines that head to be reenergized and buses rerouted for several hours while the work was underway.

The city’s department of public works said over 100 trees or big branches toppled over.

“The heavy rains and the Highwinds and that’s not good for street trees in San Francisco,” Rachel Gordon with DPW said. “Our sister agencies have been very busy cleaning storm drains to try to minimize the localized flooding.”

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