Mylan Park has many upcoming projects on baseball and softball facilities

In 2018, Mylan Park completed more than $300,000 worth of improvements to their baseball and softball facilities.

This year, the park plans for more than $650,000.00 worth of improvements to be done to the facilities.

Currently, playing surfaces are being laser leveled, the restrooms and concession stands are being updated, and a ticket booth is under construction.

We’re just excited to have the quality of fields that you see behind me and the user experience is everything to us at Mylan Park. Through these capitol upgrades, we really intend to make the user experience more positive and more exciting  at Mylan Park, said Keith Hernstrom, Executive Director of Mylan Park.

Many other improvements will be made, including fence repair and foul pole relocation, safety netting with foul ball netting and poles, redesign of Anker Fields Parking Lot, bleacher additions to MylanField, paving and landscaping of common areas, restroom expansion, portable bleachers and shading, and a batting cage addition to Turf Field Complex.

The Mylan Park Track and Field Complex is open and the Aquatic Center is expected to open in early November.