Grenfell Tower fire: Blackened shell to be covered with double layer of white plastic netting

White plastic netting will be used to conceal the burnt-out remains of Grenfell Tower .

A double layer will slowly work its way up the outside of the building as floors are cleared during the recovery operation.

The Grenfell Fire Response (GRT) team expected covering to go up by the middle of August, but this was delayed until the end of that month.

A spokesperson for GRT said: “The construction of scaffolding began on August 21, however due to the damage the tower sustained during the fire, the initial phase of the work has been on making sure we can safely tie the scaffolding to the lower floors.

“As work progresses the scaffolding will be covered as successive floors are cleared with a double layer of white plastic netting.”

At the first full council meeting following the disaster, which saw Elizabeth Campbell elected new leader of the administration, one distraught resident pleaded for the “terrifying” building to be covered .

The former Grenfell resident told councillors and a packed gallery at the July 19 meeting: “We would like to have the building covered because it’s terrifying the community.

“We’ve been told it can’t be done because it will tamper with evidence, but wind and rain is tampering with evidence.

“Why are you not covering that building so people don’t have to look at it and can see it?

“What are you trying to achieve?

“Is that how you show sympathy?

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“When you look at that building you see the souls of the dead in there.

“I’m asking you, please do whatever you’re supposed to do to protect and look after us.”