Wind a factor at Bucs-Panthers game as goalpost netting gets tangled

The wind has already had an effect today at Raymond James Stadium before the Bucs face the Carolina Panthers.

A stiff 20-mph wind coming through the stadium from the stadium’s south end caused the netting behind the south end zone goalpost to get tangled in the uprights, forcing stadium personnel to make an impromptu fix.

Hate it when your headphones get tangled up? Think about how frustrating this could be.

First, they attempted to pull the net off the top of the left upright, and they did after pulling the net from about 10 rows back in the end zone seats. But that left the upright bent, and they had to take the entire goal post down to fix the upright.

All is good now, but not without several ladders being brought out and plenty of manpower. We’ll see how the wind affects the play on the field come kickoff.