Calls to ban commercial netting in Boyne River

SOME of the biggest names in Gladstone’s recreational fishing sector have had enough of our waters being “pillaged” by professional anglers. Ernie Vaughan, who runs the Tannum Crab Classic, said himself, Boyne Tannum HookUp president Jen McGuire, and the owners of Pat’s Tackle World and Boyne Island Bait and Tackle wanted something done about it. Mr Vaughan said he’s concerned … Read More

Should Padres extend safety netting after fan injury in stands?

While injuries are rare at major league games in comparison to how many balls (and the rare bat) go into the stands, questions about ballpark safety arise whenever an incident occurs. The discussion was renewed here after a Padres fan was injured by the bat that flew out of Hector Sanchez’s hands during Thursday’s game against the Rockies at Petco Park. So how do you … Read More

Netting could protect berries from squirrels

Q: Will squirrels eat strawberries? A: We love strawberries, many birds love strawberries, slugs and snails love strawberries and apparently squirrels do, too. As if robbing us of pecans, apples, tomatoes and birdseed were not enough. You may want to try netting supported with hoops like a row cover or with a similar apparatus to protect your berries from Squirrel … Read More

Council supports netting scheme’s return to help farmers

Oakdale farmer Ed Biel has “highly commended” Wollondilly Council for supporting local farmers who need financial help protecting their orchards. The council is urging the state and federal governments to continue funding the flying fox netting subsidy scheme. The scheme provided farmers with funding to purchase and install protective netting for their orchards. Bat species, such as the endangered Grey Headed Flying Fox, … Read More

Spirit Lake Hatchery completes highly successful spawning efforts

This is always an exciting, anxious time for DNR biologists and technicians at the Spirit Lake Hatchery. It is netting season, and based on Mother Nature, it can be a short, yet intense time, or it can be a long drawn out period of time. Last spring (2016) was a marathon and took nearly 14 days to complete the egg … Read More

Netting in creeks to snag river system

A LOCAL and recreational fisherman for 25 years has spotted fishermen netting in small creeks, leaving little for others to catch. Rod photographed two nets which were about 50m long each in “local secret” spot, Moore Park Creek. “This whole system is only about 8km long. “I have heard professional crabbers go in there, which means most of what you … Read More

Netting works, but governments still persist with easier options

The West Australian government is in murky waters with the plan to fund personal shark repellents over conventional, proven measures such as drumlines, nets and selective culling. NSW policy makers showed the same reluctance towards invasive, but proven, shark mitigation strategies, before spiralling shark fatalities prompted a landmark $16 million shark strategy underpinned by SMART drumlines and investment in new … Read More