Dipnetting nirvana: Kasilof and Kenai rivers looking good

Judging from the nonexistent crowds at the mouth of the Kenai River this week, it’s still early July — days before the personal-use dipnet fishery begins Sunday. But beneath the waves is a time travel portal to the future, with sockeye salmon streaming into the fresh water in numbers more akin to mid-month. “We’re really kind of surprised at the daily … Read More

Here’s how to get rid of garden pests

The best defense is to know the enemy and plan what you will do to defend against an attack before it happens. Here are several suggestions for attracting beneficial insects, birds and other valuable allies who will work on your side as well as the reasons why:• Always plant healthy plants — doing this one thing will prevent a lot … Read More

Living Alaska: Dip netting, a 20-something’s key to survival

Living in a world that is constantly changing is exhausting. Sometimes it leaves me yearning for consistencies; the kind that keep you grounded and give you a sense of security in a time of your life when everything from your career to the dollar amount in your bank account is uncertain. Lucky for me, I have salmon. I’ll never go … Read More

Arlington Heights fields adding 20-foot netting along Kirchoff

The Arlington Heights Park District will be allowed to put up 20-foot high netting along Kirchoff Road as part of its project to install synthetic turf at Sunset Meadows soccer and football fields, the village board decided on Monday night. The approval of the netting, which is meant as a safety constraint to keep balls from going into the road … Read More

Southampton General Hospital cricitised over campaign to cull pigeons

THEY are the winged invaders who persistently colonise cities and towns in Hampshire and beyond. Pigeons have a notorious reputation for taking over buildings and homes in urban areas and causing havoc for members of the public. Now hospital chiefs in Southampton have been forced to launch an all-out war on birds who have secured a stronghold on their premises. … Read More

Researchers netting birds in the Oxbow Preserve

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Pecking furiously at the hands of volunteers, a female red-wing blackbird struggled against her captors in June. They meant well, though, seeking only to understand her and the other birds that rely on the Oxbow Preserve. Riparian habitat, such as the 38-acre preserve along the Animas River, is rare in Colorado and home to the most diverse and numerous species, … Read More

Fox cub is rescued after getting tangled in goal post netting

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The RSPCA has rescued a fox that got tangled in goal-post netting in Birmingham. The cub was freed from a garden in Highfield Road, in Hall Green, yesterday morning. The cub had got his two front paws tangled in the netting, leaving him with only his two back paws on the ground. The netting had also gone round his neck, … Read More

Alcester police join Operation Leviathan and swoop on Mereside Pool netting seven

A NEW operation targeting illegal fishing gangs and unlicensed anglers has reeled in a successful catch with the help of Alcester police. As part of Operation Leviathan, officers from two Alcester safer neighbourhood teams assisted Environmental Agency officers as they swooped in on Mereside Pool near Earlswood Lakes and netted five people for having no fishing licence, one for fishing … Read More

Nets offer no protection for wildlife

GARDENERS using nets to protect fruit trees are unwittingly causing the painful and illegal deaths of wildlife every year, says a Mornington Peninsula wildlife carer. Michelle Thomas, from Animalia Wildlife Shelter in Frankston, says sugar gliders, possums, flying foxes and birds are often cruelly trapped in nylon netting and cannot chew or fight their way out. Instead they face an … Read More