Crews rescue entangled owl from tree in Virginia Beach

An owl is recovering from a bruised foot after the bird got caught up in netting and dangled upside down from a tree. A mother was with her daughter at a bus stop in the 1900 block of Blue Knob Rd. when the mother spotted a Great Horned Owl hanging upside down by a foot in a pine tree. “We … Read More

Metropolitan Police unveil new spiked netting used to protect crowds from vehicles up to 17 tonnes in size

New portable netting designed to stop vehicles as heavy as 17 tonnes ploughing into crowds of people from have been used for the first time. Metropolitan Police used the equipment, known as Talon, at the Naval Association Parade on Whitehall, Westminster , on Sunday (September 10). The road spread mat contains tungsten steel spikes, meaning any vehicle that drives over it will … Read More

Yankees Remain Non-Committal On Expanded Safety Netting

To use a baseball analogy, the New York Yankees are still checking their signs over the use of expanded safety netting. In May, New York City Councilman Rafael L. Espinal Jr. introduced a billthat would make protective netting mandatory to the foul poles at any ballpark with a seating capacity of 5,000 or more. Over the All-Star break, the New York … Read More

British Police Deploy Giant Futuristic Nets In Bid To Stop Vehicle Attacks By Terrorists

Scotland Yard is deploying the latest in anti-terrorism equipment designed to thwart vehicle attacks – a futuristic net bristling with tungsten steel spikes that security forces can quickly lay down like a carpet on a roadway. Called “Talon” by London’s Metropolitan Police, the barbs are designed to puncture and grip the tires, while the plastic netting becomes entangled in the … Read More

Estimated 165,000 Atlantic salmon escaped from net pens

A harvest hunt continues for an estimated 20,000 Atlantic salmon, the last of upwards of 165,000 of these farmed fish estimated to have escaped due to failure of a net pen owned by Cook Aquaculture in the San Juan Islands. The net pen had held 305,000 Atlantic salmon. In a situation update issued on Sept. 4 by Washington State’s Department … Read More

Little Current Fish and Game Club challenged by spring walleye netting

The atmosphere in the downstairs meeting hall of the Little Current branch of the Royal Canadian Legion was remarkably subdued considering the frustration felt by members of the Little Current Fish and Game Club (LCFGC) over the future of their Sheguiandah walleye hatchery and the highly successful educational program operated by the club each spring. The issue centred on the … Read More

Yankees ‘seriously exploring’ following Mets in extending protective netting

One week after a fan at Yankee Stadium was struck by a screaming foul ball hit by Aaron Judge, the Yankees on Thursday announced that they are strongly considering adding protective netting along the sides of the field. “The Yankees are seriously exploring extending the netting prior to the 2018 season to the outside of the Yankees’ dugout and the outside of … Read More