Manchester United: Disabled fans want netting to protect them from missiles

The disabled supporters’ section is below where visiting fans are housed. Manchester United Disabled Supporters Association (MUSDA) says flares, bottles filled with urine, coins and pies thrown by travelling supporters have landed in their section. Netting was used for Champions League games against Juventus and Young Boys. Now MUSDA is pressing to make that permanent. A recent fans’ forum meeting … Read More

AAA: Improperly secured trees a holiday hazard

Selecting, buying and decorating a tree is a magical holiday tradition for many. But it can all go sour if a tree isn’t properly secured when being transported from the tree farm to the living room. According to AAA Northeast, improperly secured Christmas trees can become holiday roadway hazards if they fall from vehicles while on the move. An estimated … Read More

Plywood crashes through car, barely missing driver

Plywood crashes through car, barely missing driver A piece of plywood that came crashing through the windshield of a newer Volkswagen on an Ontario highway January 2 narrowly missed striking the driver and passenger, the CBC reports. The collision between the debris and the last-gen VW Passat happened on Highway 410 in Brampton in the late afternoon. “A loose piece of wood that was … Read More

Wind a factor at Bucs-Panthers game as goalpost netting gets tangled

The wind has already had an effect today at Raymond James Stadium before the Bucs face the Carolina Panthers. A stiff 20-mph wind coming through the stadium from the stadium’s south end caused the netting behind the south end zone goalpost to get tangled in the uprights, forcing stadium personnel to make an impromptu fix. Hate it when your headphones … Read More

Revelstoke to install safety netting in arena

The city will be installing a spectator safety net at the arena not that they have successfully obtained a grant from the Municipal Insurance Association of BC. “Safety netting has become accepted industry standard and best practice to protect spectators and we’re happy to announce that we have you covered,” said a news release from the city. There are three … Read More

Brief: Safety netting coming to Revelstoke Forum

Safety netting designed to protect spectators from flying pucks is coming to the Revelstoke Forum later in November. At the Forum, it’s not uncommon to see errant pucks zip into the crowd and injure spectators. At the Nov. 9 Revelstoke Grizzlies match, a young spectator was struck and injured by a puck, for example. The new netting is a black … Read More

Ban on plastic net

In past the fishermen used those kind of nets which were not dangerous for the lives of fish, but recent time the fishermen use such kinds of nets for catching fish which has small holes and considered to be a dangerous net, for catching any fish when they use it. According to a report these nets are being import from … Read More

Call for netting to stop pigeons roosting under Transfer Bridges

Sisters Jayne Upton and Deb Watson have been walking beneath Transfer Bridges every morning to get to work for the best part of 25 years. They say they are sick of the smell and mess left by the nesting pigeons. The problem has been getting worse as a result of people feeding the birds, they claim. Now they have called … Read More

Ocean Cleanup’s 2,000ft net deployed at Great Pacific Garbage Patch

A 2,000-foot-long floating pipe connected to a submerged net arrived Tuesday at its destination in the Pacific Ocean where it will begin collecting massive amounts of plastic. The system belongs to the Ocean Cleanup Foundation, a Dutch environmental startup that’s aiming to remove 90 percent of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch—the largest of the world’s five ocean trash patches—by 2040. … Read More

IndyGo makes changes to Red Line construction bus stops after Call 6 story

After a Call 6 Investigates story last week uncovered safety concerns at bus stops across the Red Line construction zone, IndyGo has made changes to keep riders safe. Since the Red Line construction began along Meridian Street between 18th and 38th streets, the busy road is down to one lane in each direction. Meridian Street sees about 23,000 cars each day, … Read More