Baseballs to be caught by netting

The chances of gardeners, hikers, and dogs getting hit by home runs should diminish this year at the Mission recreation park ball diamonds. The city plans to spend $110,000 stringing up new protective netting around the four diamonds, according to the 2019 provisional budget. “Due to advances in sport technologies and athletic performance, there has been an increased frequency of … Read More

Exterminator talks bugs in Rome

Our final destination on our tour of Italy was Rome. Our Italian adventure was in its closing days, with so much to see and pests to discover. Keep in mind that Italy’s capital is more than 2,500 years old. That’s a lot of cockroaches and other vermin in, of course, a historical perspective. As our train neared Rome, visions of … Read More

ESCC baseball renovations continue with backstop, netting

The next improvement to facilities at Enterprise State Community College will be a new backstop and netting for the college’s baseball field. Expected to be completed in the coming months, officials started “laying the groundwork” for the project around fall of last year after the dugouts were repainted, according to ESCC Athletic Director Kevin Ammons and Coach Samuel “Bubba” Frichter. … Read More

Manchester United could put up permanent netting to shield disabled fans after smoke grenade thrown by Wolves supporters this season

Netting in front of away fans could be a permanent fixture at Manchester Unitedafter a smoke grenade was hurled at disabled supporters. The away section at Old Trafford is directly above the area for disabled fans, who in the past have been struck by a missiles including coins, urine-filled bottles and umbrellas. Now, after a smoke grenade landed next to a number … Read More

Manchester United: Disabled fans want netting to protect them from missiles

The disabled supporters’ section is below where visiting fans are housed. Manchester United Disabled Supporters Association (MUSDA) says flares, bottles filled with urine, coins and pies thrown by travelling supporters have landed in their section. Netting was used for Champions League games against Juventus and Young Boys. Now MUSDA is pressing to make that permanent. A recent fans’ forum meeting … Read More

AAA: Improperly secured trees a holiday hazard

Selecting, buying and decorating a tree is a magical holiday tradition for many. But it can all go sour if a tree isn’t properly secured when being transported from the tree farm to the living room. According to AAA Northeast, improperly secured Christmas trees can become holiday roadway hazards if they fall from vehicles while on the move. An estimated … Read More

Plywood crashes through car, barely missing driver

Plywood crashes through car, barely missing driver A piece of plywood that came crashing through the windshield of a newer Volkswagen on an Ontario highway January 2 narrowly missed striking the driver and passenger, the CBC reports. The collision between the debris and the last-gen VW Passat happened on Highway 410 in Brampton in the late afternoon. “A loose piece of wood that was … Read More

Wind a factor at Bucs-Panthers game as goalpost netting gets tangled

The wind has already had an effect today at Raymond James Stadium before the Bucs face the Carolina Panthers. A stiff 20-mph wind coming through the stadium from the stadium’s south end caused the netting behind the south end zone goalpost to get tangled in the uprights, forcing stadium personnel to make an impromptu fix. Hate it when your headphones … Read More

Revelstoke to install safety netting in arena

The city will be installing a spectator safety net at the arena not that they have successfully obtained a grant from the Municipal Insurance Association of BC. “Safety netting has become accepted industry standard and best practice to protect spectators and we’re happy to announce that we have you covered,” said a news release from the city. There are three … Read More

Brief: Safety netting coming to Revelstoke Forum

Safety netting designed to protect spectators from flying pucks is coming to the Revelstoke Forum later in November. At the Forum, it’s not uncommon to see errant pucks zip into the crowd and injure spectators. At the Nov. 9 Revelstoke Grizzlies match, a young spectator was struck and injured by a puck, for example. The new netting is a black … Read More