Mylan Park has many upcoming projects on baseball and softball facilities

In 2018, Mylan Park completed more than $300,000 worth of improvements to their baseball and softball facilities. This year, the park plans for more than $650,000.00 worth of improvements to be done to the facilities. Currently, playing surfaces are being laser leveled, the restrooms and concession stands are being updated, and a ticket booth is under construction. “We’re just excited to have the … Read More

Bridgeport Parks & Rec focusing on multiple improvement projects

The buzz around Bridgeport is the new Indoor Rec Complex currently under construction, but what about the other facilities Bridgeport Parks and Rec has to offer? Director Joe Shuttleworth says his crew has multiple projects lined up, and all of them are a priority. “My goal is that we don’t lose sight of the other facilities that we have,” said … Read More

Protecting homes with netting window screens can reduce malaria parasite infection

In an article published in Lancet Planetary Health, a team from Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) and the Ifakara Health Institute (IHI), provides evidence that even window screens with no insecticide suppressed mosquito populations and dramatically reduced malaria prevalence in the Tanzanian city of Dar es Salaam. Led by LSTM’s Dr. Gerry Killeen, the study team has also worked with … Read More

A memo warned MLB about low safety railings for fans in 2011

Just six days after a Texas baseball fan fell over a railing to his death in 2011, an insurance broker for Major League Baseball sent the league a sobering memo. BWD Group’s Michael Schmidt wrote that he had just paid a visit to Dodger Stadium and looked for ways a fan could fall over a protective railing to the ground below. “In … Read More

Manchester United unlikely to make netting in front of away fans permanent after PSG fans wrecked it during Champions League last-16 tie

Manchester United are unlikely to make netting a permanent fixture at Old Trafford after Paris Saint-Germain supporters wrecked it during their Champions League first-leg clash. The Premier League club brought in a mesh net for European fixtures in a bid to protect their disabled fans – who sit below the away support – after missiles including coins, urine-filled bottles and umbrellas were hurled … Read More

A look at the ins and outs of netting

Orchard netting is good at keeping things out. Sun is the obvious example. Hail, wind, birds, even codling moth? Nets thwart them all. But nets also keep out beneficial insects that growers want to let in. “We need to make sure we keep some predators in the mix,” said Adrian Marshall, a doctoral candidate in entomology at Washington State University. … Read More

South Carolina Prisons Install Netting to Prevent Contraband

Prison officials in South Carolina say criminals are trying to find new ways to overcome netting that’s being put around facilities to prevent contraband from being thrown over the fences. Corrections Department spokesman Dexter Lee told The State newspaper that agency police think some of those trying to get contraband into prisons are using potato guns to try to get drugs, tobacco … Read More