Netting a living (and cleaner seas)

MANILA, Approach Guindacpan island in the Philippines by boat, and it looks like yet another tropical paradise. Closer to shore, however, the idyllic scene is decidedly tarnished.

Plan for golf course net angers Pacific Grove residents

Residents in Pacific Grove are not happy about a new net planned for the golf course, saying it will block their view of the bay.The city doesn’t have much of a choice — a court order is forcing them to install the netting.

Katie Eary SS17 displayed fishing nets

Splitting the catwalk in two was a wall of red and white netting, evocative of trawlers’ fishing nets that drag through the ocean trawling for catch. Weighed down by buoys to mark for reefs and other hazards (perhaps the barracudas?), the netting made it obvious from the start that Katie Eary was taking us diving. The netting was a contrast against the high-quality silk and cashmere and linear graphics that Eary presented throughout the collection, and got us totally immersed in Eary’s watery world.