Canada Geese are here to stay

PICKENS COUNTY — It’s hard to believe that at one time, the Canadian Geese — branta canadensis — was nearly driven extinct.

Strict hunting regulations along with population conservation and re-introduction protocols have successfully brought the birds back from the edge, but with an unintended consequence: now they won’t leave.

Although traditionally migratory birds, a substantial number of Canada Geese have been making South Carolina their permanent homes.

How to protect your trees from cicadas, and other things to know

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Don’t worry, the 17-year cicadas won’t eat all your trees and kill all your plants. But there are some still ways that homeowners can prepare for the incoming invasion.

And the cicadas can have some positive effects on hardier fruit trees.

Rush hour ‘mayhem’ as fallen pigeon netting causes London Circle Line suspension

Circle Line services were out of action after netting to stop pigeons nestling on the tracks collapsed at High Street Kensington at around 4.25pm.

A train in front of the netting, and the entire station, was evacuated.

One enraged user tweeted: “It is absurd that some obstruction whatever it may be is causing an entire line to go down!”

A Transfort for London (TFL) spokesman said that services were slowly making a recovery after the track was reopened at 5.12pm.

Customised Aquaculture Nets From W & J Knox

Today, Knox offers customised nets, designed for application in aquaculture, camouflage, sport or industry. This is complemented by a highly-engineered net service plant for the fish farming industry.

Charlotte Knights don’t plan additional safety netting after boy is hit by foul ball

The Charlotte Knights have no immediate plans to install additional safety netting to BB&T Ballpark after a young fan was seriously injured last weekend by a foul ball hit into the stands.

“I don’t think we are right now,” said Knights general manager Scotty Brown. “We’re always evaluating and monitoring how our operation works. We’re relieved to have what we have, but there’s no way to completely protect every part of the ballpark and we continue to urge our fans to be alert at all times.”

Getting netting rules right in the north of Australia

If you enjoy fishing and use fish netting in Australia, you might want to read the rules put out by the local government:

Small fish species used for bait can be caught with a throw net in the Pilbara/Kimberley, but you require a recreational net fishing licence.

Some fishers who holiday in the north at this time of year use local species, such as bony bream and greenback mullet, as bait when fishing for barramundi, mangrove jack or fingermark, so it’s important to know how many of these fish you can legally take for bait.