Plan for golf course net angers Pacific Grove residents

Residents in Pacific Grove are not happy about a new net planned for the golf course, saying it will block their view of the bay.The city doesn’t have much of a choice — a court order is forcing them to install the netting.

Katie Eary SS17 displayed fishing nets

Splitting the catwalk in two was a wall of red and white netting, evocative of trawlers’ fishing nets that drag through the ocean trawling for catch. Weighed down by buoys to mark for reefs and other hazards (perhaps the barracudas?), the netting made it obvious from the start that Katie Eary was taking us diving. The netting was a contrast against the high-quality silk and cashmere and linear graphics that Eary presented throughout the collection, and got us totally immersed in Eary’s watery world.

Firefighters rescue pigeon stuck on roof netting of 120ft pumping station

A bird-brained pigeon sparked an elaborate rescue operation after getting stuck in roof netting. Firefighters and RSPCA inspectors were lifted 120ft into the air in a cherry-picker to help the distressed creature, which got trapped in netting atop a derelict pumping station in Croydon town centre.

Netting can break some birds’ bad habits

Have you ever spotted a big, red, ripe strawberry, reached to pick it, and found something else had already taken a bite out of it? I have and more than once.
My grandfather was a Swedish immigrant and a farmer. Actually, Grandpa worked at anything that would provide for his family. He had several acres planted in strawberries.

Researcher studies tools ranging from netting to X-ray meters

WENATCHEE, Wash. — Lee Kalcsits considers himself to be fortunate. At just 33, he has a top job in Washington state tree fruit physiology. “I’ve always loved working in tree fruit,” he says. “The most rewarding part is doing cool science that matters to the industry.” Of Hungarian descent, Kalcsits was born and raised on a small berry farm near Edgeley, 33 miles northeast of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada. Tree fruit is not grown commercially in the region, but Kalcsits, as a youngster, was fascinated by trying to figure out what kinds of trees could grow in the cold climate. He earned his undergraduate degree in horticulture at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon and his master’s degree in tree eco-physiology there before gaining his doctorate in tree physiology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver in 2013.

Protective netting expanding at Bill Davis Stadium in 2017

Just about anyone who has ever attended a baseball game has witnessed the following scene: A fan in attendance, usually along the first- or third-baseline, isn’t paying attention to the play on the field. Within milliseconds of the crack of the bat, a fan is struck by the ball and takes the brunt of the force of the live ball, only slowed down by air resistance, thanks to lack of protective netting.

Parents, boosters ask Pender school board to fund netting around softball field

BURGAW – Parents and members of Topsail High’s Athletic Boosters Club brought their concerns over the lack of netting around the school’s softball field to the Pender County Board of Education on Tuesday. Susan Croom, the booster club’s president, asked that the board include in its future funding projects adding sideline nets between the school’s softball field and stadium field.