Fishermen protest against illegal netting in Wular lake

Scores of registered fishermen protested on Tuesday outside the office of the Deputy Commissioner Bandipora against what they said illegal netting rampant in Wular Lake. The protestors alleged that Fisheries department officers in Bandipora were allowing illegal netting while taking commission from few chosen people who were not even registered as fishermen in the department.

After netting one loose chicken Wednesday, Augusta animal control search for another

AUGUSTA — After recovering one stray chicken Wednesday afternoon from Bond Brook Road, the city’s animal control officer is returning to the same area after hearing that a second fowl is on the lam. Francois Roodman, who was en route to the area Thursday afternoon, said he first went there Wednesday after hearing from a resident that a gray chicken with red features around its head was crossing between two houses on Bond Brook Road. This hen, originally thought to be a rooster, was found Wednesday between two houses on Bond Brook Road. Contributed photo

Pigeon Netting installed under Santa Cruz wharf to improve Cowell Beach water quality

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. —Over the last five years, Cowell Beach in Santa Cruz has earned the unhappy distinction of having California’s dirtiest ocean water, but hopefully not for long when they install pigeon netting. Pigeons roosting under the Santa Cruz Wharf were determined to be a major source of the high bacteria levels. City crews are taking action this week to keep the fowl from fouling ocean waters. “What we’re doing now is some bird-exclusion work” said Santa Cruz Wharf Supervisor John Bombaci.

She learned her lesson about snakes and plastic netting

Early this year I noticed something on the snowball bush my husband planted in the back yard several years ago. There was a web on it, similar to those that invade pecan trees. I was afraid it had stunted the growth of the bush. At one point, I thought maybe the bush was dying. Then one morning several weeks ago, I noticed some buds. In a few days, the bush exploded with big white balls of petals. It was almost as full as last year. I was so thrilled.

Three men charged for netting trout

Anyone who has doubts about the illegality of taking trout from Otago Harbour will have them dispelled as the result of a prosecution in the City Police Court yesterday morning regarding netting. Three men were charged with netting for trout during the close season. Mr W. L. Moore appeared for the defendants, who pleaded not guilty. Mr D. Cooke, who prosecuted, said that the men lived practically at the water’s edge, and should have known that they were doing wrong.

Troubleshooting spring wildlife with Plastic Netting

Do you have wildlife questions and wonder where to turn for information? Do you find strange runways in your grass when the snow melts? What is banging on your siding and why? You can turn to your Broomfield Wildlife Masters for help with these issues and more. Question: After snow melts, I find 1-2″ wide runways throughout my lawn. What are these, and how can I prevent it?

Netting stolen

PORTERVILLE — A 20-foot section of netting used to cover orange trees was stolen from an orchard in the 15200 block of Road 216 near Porterville. The theft occurred sometime between 5 p.m. on Sunday and 8 a.m. on Monday, according to Tulare County Sheriff’s deputies, who are investigating.

Stainless steel mesh for zoo animals’ use

Hebei Metal Mesh Ltd is a specialized manufacturer of stainless steel mesh. They are used for netting the enclosures of zoo animals quite strong and secure. It is the responsibility of the zoo authority to ensure that the enclosures of every bird and animal is made of superior quality wire stainless steel mesh to prevent the chance of sudden escape. There are many agencies that prepare wire mesh exclusively for making the cages of zoo animals very strong and secure.

Alleged commercial Murray fish netting operation busted

FISHERIES officers claim to have busted a commercial fishing operation near Shepparton using fish netting. A Goulburn Valley man was allegedly found with commercial fish netting gear and 11 Murray cod in his cool room, only five cod are allowed to be kept under Victorian law. A member of the public raised the alarm by calling the 13 FISH fishing hotline.

Registered Fishermen stage protest against illegal fishing netting rampant in Wullar

Scores of registered fishermen Monday staged protest in Deputy Commissioner Bandipra’s office against the illegal fishing netting rampant in Wullar Lake. Alleging official connivance protestors said, “Fishries officers in Bandipora are allowing illegal netting while taking commission from few chosen people who are not falling in fishermen category.”